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Facebook Live Sip 'n Swirl set of 3 masks

Facebook Live Sip 'n Swirl set of 3 masks

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Join the fun and be a part of a Facebook Live Sip ‘n Swirl event without leaving your home (or work, ehem!)  Purchase a custom water marbled scarf and we will swirl three masks live on Facebook!

You have so many options! If you’re feeling daring, you can spin the Wheel Spin Color Palette!

 Want to play it safe? Pick one of our tried and true Color Collections.

Next choose a “look ”…do you want large movement, medium waves or small details? [Examples on the order page.]  Can’t choose? No problem! You can decide during the Live Sip ‘n Swirl!

As we are creating your unique piece of wearable art, you are right there with us experiencing the entire process. You, and other Sippers, give insight and ideas as we go in the comments.

face mask

When the design is complete, we capture your art on three face masks. 

This is simply magical! Each piece is carefully prepared for wear and shipped out to you as soon as humanly possible! 

Wheel Spin Color Palettes (3 spins to determine colors)

Warm and Cozy: Burnt Orange, Autumn Change, Rust, Burnt Sienna, Hey Hay, Golden Sunflower, Oh Fudge, Pinecone, Hot Chocolate, Fern, Pine Needles, Wine O’Clock

 Be-Jeweled:  Tropical Breeze, Teal, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Perfect Purple, Violet Velvet, Purple People Eater, Lovely Lavender, Golden Sunflower, Sassy Pink, Magnificent Magenta, Lipstick

 Spring Fling:  Sweet Pink, Cotton Candy, Fiesta, Fresh Coral, Limeade, Seafoam, Sky, Turquoise, Periwinkle, Bright Lilac, Lovely Lavender, Happy Yellow

Current Color Collections Options

Festival of Lights: White, Buff, Sugar Cookie and Whisper

Grays for Days: Black, White, Soot, Grey, Dove and your choice of a pop of color

Parade of Pinks: Sassy Pink, Cotton Candy, Peony and Sweet Pink

Ocean Breeze: Teal, Tropical Breeze, Sky, Turquoise and Seafoam

Rockin' Rainbow: Red, Tangy Tangerine, Happy Yellow, So Green, Royal Blue and Perfect Purple