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Design your own scarf

Design your own scarf

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Tell us what you have in mind and we'll do our best to deliver!

Pick one of our tried and true Color Collections or name up to 4 colors.

Next choose a “look ”…do you want large movement, medium waves or small details? 

When the design is complete, we capture your art on a beautiful 14x72 inch 100% silk scarf.

This is simply magical! Each scarf is carefully prepared, wrapped ready to gift, and shipped out to you as soon as humanly possible!

Choose from one of the Collections below! 

Current Color Collections Options

Festival of Lights: White, Buff, Sugar Cookie and Whisper

Grays for Days: Black, White, Soot, Stone Gray, Dove and your choice of a pop of color

Parade of Pinks: Sassy Pink, Cotton Candy, Peony and Sweet Pink

Ocean Breeze: Teal, Tropical Breeze, Sky, Turquoise and Seafoam

Rockin' Rainbow: Red, Tangy Tangerine, Happy Yellow, So Green, Royal Blue and Perfect Purple