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Hi there! 
We're Sherry & Kitty, the sisters behind Sisters Silk Art.

We saw a viral Facebook video that instantly grabbed our attention! The video featured the beautiful art of water marbling, and before we knew it, we were obsessed with this lost art and wanted to know more! So we booked our annual "Sisters Weekend" in Huntington Beach, CA and attended Mayu SIlk Art Academy! For days, we "swirled" with the modern day masters of water marbling, who are now our mentors and our friends. As long-time "crafty" women, we knew we had just found our new passion!

Sisters Silk Art was founded in 2018. We are so excited to share our newfound love of water marbling & silk art with you, whether you'd like to experience it yourself at a Sip 'n Swirl, In-Studio session or purchase one of our beautifully hand-painted treasures! 

Hey there, I'm Sherry!

I am blessed! I'm a Wife. Mom to 5. Mimi to 2. Sister. Daughter. Child of God. Gardener.
Artist. Chaser of rainbows. Believer of magic...and I want a unicorn!

I was born with a heart to create...I.must.create!

One Christmas, many years ago, our Grammy gifted us a subscription to a monthly craft share!
I remember every month waiting for it to arrive...waiting... waiting to create.
Today, I no longer have to wait to create...I do it!!

Art, for me, is a mystical way for a person to express an inner-most, private,
often cloaked, piece of their beautiful soul. It's magic!

Water-marbling IS magic!! And beautiful! And one-of-a-kind! And fun! And anyone can do it!!
And lucky me; at Sisters Silk Art I play crafts with my precious sister, plus share -and hopefully
inspire- others how to create intriguing, stunning, magical, water marbled art!!!
I am blessed!

Hello, I'm Kitty!

Momma. Sister. Friend. Chocolate lover. Gardener.

Yes, my name is Kitty, a definite conversational name for sure! My parents were HUGE Gunsmoke fans (in the 60’s) and hence Miss Kitty was born! I have many friends call me Miss Kitty and I love it.

My family is my world, especially my 3 kids. I have always lived my life to be the best example to them as possible. I’m very proud of the people they have become. My family has expanded and my daughters are both married now and I have one grandson and we are expecting another one in October. Being a new Gma is simply the best. I am embracing this new title with open arms and an over-flowing heart.

My sister is my very best friend. When I stumbled across the video, Style Insider did, about water marbling on silk scarves…I KNEW it was a business for my sister, Sherry and I to do together! We talked and when asked if she’d like to open a business together to share this beautiful art with others … she said, “Yes Please!” And as they say, …”Let the adventure begin!”