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Meet the Sisters | About Us

Sisters Silk Art swirled into existence in the Spring of 2018. We are so excited to share our love of water marbling with you. Whether you choose to experience this magical art in-person or purchase a beautiful hand painted treasure, we're confident you'll be WOWed!

Hi there!
We’re Sherry and Kitty, the sisters/BFFs behind Sisters Silk Art.
Waaaay back in 2017 Kitty stumbled across a video featuring a very cool, beautiful art technique called water marbling…we became TOTALLY obsessed! We learned everything we could about the amazing lost art.

We knew this would become our passion project business! It’s the gig we could do together into our retired years, excluding carrying the 5 gallon buckets of Magic Water (haha!)

Drip, swirl, capture, wear.

Sisters Silk Art was born!

We love assisting guests as they connect with their inner artist and experience the joy of water marbling! The “ooohs”, “ahhhs” and “wows” fuel our passion!

Hey there, I’m Sherry!

I am blessed! Child of God. Wife. Mom x 5. Mimi x 4. Sister x 2. Daughter. FrieMeet Sherrynd.
I’m kind of a morning person… with coffee.

Then I do the things… I'm a nail tech (since forever} Garden (in my bare feet) Cooker/baker of gluten-free deliciousness (cuz genetics) Self-appointed Queen (I have crowns!)   

I’m kind of an evening person… with wine.

Since childhood, I've have a heart for art. And this beautiful, simple, intriguing art speaks to my soul! It’s my greatest desire to inspire, play and create with everyone who wishes to experience this magical art!

Did I mention I have 4 beautiful grandkids?! 
I am blessed!


Hello, I'm Kitty!Meet Kitty

{Yes, my parents were fans of Gunsmoke! LOL}

I am a Gma x 5, a Momma x 3, a Sister x 2 , a Daughter and a Friend to many! And of course an artisan with my sister and business partner! 
I L💗VE my Life!

We recently moved and my hopes of having a Studio built in Southern Oregon have been put on hold. So I'm looking into Plan B as I'm ready to get the magic water swirling again.  I've missed seeing the expressions of our artisan's faces when they realize that THEY created that unique piece of art themselves. It warms my heart to help others and finding their inner artisan is such a joy.

Outside of water-marbling, I enjoy gardening with all my flowers in our beautiful, peaceful backyard. My grandkids are my heart. Whether it's seeing them face to face or having the opportunity to FaceTime with them, I love our time together! I look forward to the carefree times of spending time with my friends and family on a whim! 

I love people!
I love sharing smiles & hugs!
I love cocktail hour & Taco Tuesdays with friends!

We can't wait to meet you and share this beautiful art with you!