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How long does it take to make a scarf?

Typically it takes less than 30 minutes to create your custom, hand-painted silk scarf. Because the paint has a wet side (contact with the water) and a dry side (contact with the air) there is a limited amount of time before the paint begins to dry and adhering to the fabric can become problematic.

Can I wear my scarf out of the event?

You will leave with your damp scarf safely secured in a plastic bag with simple instructions how to prepare and preserve your wearable masterpiece for years of enjoyment. *See "Caring for your new silk scarf" below for more info.

Is the paint safe?

We provide non-toxic acrylic paint. It is safe to touch and will not be absorbed by your skin. We provide gloves to customers for easy clean-up. We also provide aprons to assist in protecting clothes from spills and splashes. 

Is that just plain, ordinary water?

Yes!! With an added touch of magic! 
While one never REALLY wants to know how a magician preforms his tricks, we are incredibly intrigued and curious. So, to preserve the "magic" for you, we won't reveal our secret, but will assure you our "magic" is a non-toxic, food grade safe starch. Additionally, you'll notice many of our artisans choose not to wear gloves, as they know all our products are non-toxic...and they don't mind getting a little messy!

I just created my own stunning silk scarf.  How do I care for it once I get it home?

Caring for your new silk scarf

The paint on your beautiful scarf is fragile until all the following instructions have been completed.

  • Re-hydrate in a bowl or sink of cool/lukewarm water, carefully unfolding once saturated.
    • Add a splash of softener, if a softer feel is desired.
    • Do NOT wring, twist or squeeze your scarf.
  • Drip Dry
    • Hang to drip dry. Placing a rag or towel under dripping scarf is recommended.
  • Hot Dry Iron
    • Iron the BACK side of your scarf using the hot (cotton) DRY setting.
  • Your beautiful hand painted scarf is ready to wear!

Future Care: Hand wash in mild detergent, hang to drip dry, press backside with low heat. Dry Cleaning is not recommended.

When are you offering your next experience to make a water marbled silk scarf?

We currently offer water marbling experiences in both Central and Southern Oregon.  However, we are open to possibly having “sister adventures” in other cities. Does your town have chocolate or unicorns?  Jus' sayin'!   Contact us if you have interest.

May I book a private workshop/class/party or corporate event?

Absolutely! We would love to pARTy with you! We can bring the fun to you (perfect for large groups) or you can come to our studio (ideal for small get-togethers) We make hosting a private event easy as 1, 2, 3.
1) Contact us to set a date and time, 2) We create an invitation for you to text or email to your peeps. They will use the link in the invitation to go directly to our website, check out the fun, and reserve/pre-pay their scarf or mask set. 3) The day of your event get your drinks & munchies ready and prepare for the FUN!
Please note: to travel to your location we have a 10 scarf or 10 mask set minimum. See Sip 'n Swirl Private Classes for more details. Contact us at

What are your business hours?

Our Studios are located in Medford, OR and Redmond, OR . Studio hours for both locations are by appointment only. If you would like to book studio hours, please contact us. We look forward to having you join us for a creative session of water marbling! 

We are also a mobile business. We are open to go wherever the water marbling takes us! Which means we will bring our water marbling trays, paints, scarves and artisans to your private "Sip & Swirl" class/party in your home, church, club house or other location available to you.

Do you have to be “artsy” to be able to achieve a beautiful scarf?

Absolutely not!  Almost everyone has a creative side waiting to unleash. This is the perfect opportunity to give it a “swirl”! Ages 2-80+ have been successful in creating a beautiful masterpiece!

Is there a minimum age for water-marbling?

We have a trained staff of artisans to assist clients of all ages and abilities. We like to say "If a person can hold a stick, they can make beautiful art!!" We thrive on helping all who have a "Heart for Art" create breathtaking designs! We require children be supervised, as our trays are heavy and could be dangerous if a little body knocked one on top of themselves. 
Please click HERE to read our Covid-19 safety policies.
Anything you're left wondering?!, Please  contact us.