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Book a Sip 'n Swirl Party

You provide the "Sip", we'll bring the "Swirl!"

Sisters Silk Art offers Sip 'n Swirl private parties where we will bring a unique water marbling art to your next party/special occasion. You are welcome to host this party at your home or another venue available to you. [Note: We will set an appointment prior to your party to view the space and water access to ensure you have enough room for a successful party.]

Sisters Silk Art provides all necessary supplies for your Sip 'n Swirl party from the silk scarves and paints, to the protective flooring mats, and trained assistants. We recommend holding the party in a well lit area with a min of 8x10' area for our mats. We will need access to water for our rinse buckets.

We are starting to book up, so let us know your preferred date and we will do our best to accommodate you. We have a minimum scarf order to travel to your party. It can be any combination, meaning 5 people making 2 each, or 10 people making 1 each. Heck we'd even accommodate 2 people making 5 each!  lol ($45 per scarf, 10 scarf minimum.)

We currently offer Sip 'n Swirls in both Southern and Central Oregon.

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